Wereld stoof uit Ecuador

When you talk about origins, you have to consider your roots and culture, art and costumes because they are what shapes you. I’m the son of an
Ecuadorian mother and a Venezuelan father, but on this occasion I will honor the cuisine from my mother’s land: Ecuador. More specifically the Andes region. Since I was a little kid, always visited my family in the town of Riobamba and tried all the food of that great place that has, in my humble opinion, the best food that I ever tasted. In the cuisine, there is a very under-estimated fella, we will have a protagonist which is the potato. Other Secondary that will go with it, are peanuts, chillies and avocados (all whose origin is the Andes region). The recipe that I will use for the “LLapingachos” (originated 60 kilometers away from Riobamba) and the “Seco de Chivo” are the ones from my grandmother, which of course, are her signature dishes.

With Inca’s cooking techniques, local and foreign ingredients, we will serve you Locro de Papa (potato soup)-avocado and cheese-, Seco de Chivo (Lamb stew) with Llapingachos (potato patties) in Salsa de mani (peanut sauce) and Aji Criollo.

In the land that adopted potato as her own (The Netherlands) with the land that gave it birth (The Andes – Ecuador), we are pleased to present you this ingredient in ways that natives from the Americas have been eating them for centuries and to honor the person that I love the most, Rosa Colina